luke’s lil itchy nose uwu x x

41 days, 4 hours since Mike Brown was killed.



@ShaunKing exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

Huffington Post contrasts how the media treats white suspects and killers better than black victims.

110 more days until Grand Jury deadline.

Please never stop updating please

5 Seconds of Summer - 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival Village


luke: *blinks*

me: shit…. i loev him so mmuch.. .. shit fuck it im in love… im literally in love hes so fucking Cute god created him to make me suffer god put an extra Cute Sauce on him FUCK i cant believe he’s fucking real he’s so fucking sweet and cute nad nice to everyone i wnana die


Luke + Billboard Megazina Outtakes


Girls are such beautiful creatures but u only ever see a hot guy like once a blue moon on the 3rd last tuesday of july at exactly 12:35 or u miss it

Nationals Park - August 11th

5sos is a band of noodles